« The marvelous thing about great travels is that their enchantment begins long before departure. You open an atlas, you dream over a map, you repeat the glorious name of unknown cities… » Joseph Kessel



Curiosity? Exploration? We don’t know exactly where our motivation comes from, but it is sure this travel is a common vision. It reflects our simple wish to disover, to embrace the world and to open our eyes.

Finding fascinating landscapes on roads. Meeting great people. Immersing ourselves in new cultures and new ways of life. Of course, there will be contingencies and probably some challenges and hurdles but do not think about it!

Take time. Learn to take time. Patience and phlegm will be the keywords of our trip. Bicycle was not a passion but it has become the most suitable means to our desires. Faster than walking, it remains the easiest and the most ecological way to enjoy everything that surrounds us. Its discretion is an asset to blend into the landscape and its familiarity helps our integration among locals. We don’t want to travel by hopping. What is between the cities matter to us. We endeavour to do most of the trip by bike. Enjoying the continuity !

Another advantage of bicycle is the ability to carry our life necessities. With nothing on our back, we have to tow it. The difference matters.

Our daily ride requires organization and forces us to carry very few stuff. So we have made choices, we have prioritised, and we simply came back to the basics! We left behind us the superfluity and we have taken what is most necessary for this adventure. We are mindful of that.

For this trip, nothing is yet defined, cycling time and directions are still unknown. Our motivation and our money are the only drivers.

Let’s get cycling !


  1. Vjollca Lleshi

    Congratulations to both of you. It was nice to share with you a lot of your trip emotions and political discussions . I wish you all the best and have a nice and safety journey.

  2. Orhan ŞİMŞEK

    Hello! I hope that everything is ok! Thank you for to visit our student home and spent your time with us. It will be a nice memorise. I’m following news about your trip on your website. I wish to see you again. Have a nice and safety trip. Take care. 🙂

  3. Dear Gabriel ,

    What a amazing bicycle trip from Europe to Asia! And thank you so much for taking our booking service of ferry from Xiamen to Taiwan.

    Best regards,

  4. Ride.. rise! Enjoy!

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