Serbian people told us, they are some true mountains in Montenegro! We saw some beautiful and different landscapes.

Montagne enneigee

Montagne enneigee

Our beginning in Montenegro was a bite difficult. We arrived from Serbia by a nice road but with a torrential rain. Forecast weather announced some snow so we decided to find a hotel. This one was expensive with a poor service. But it was better than outside!

The next day, we continued our road between snowy tops before to camp at 900m. The temperature was under… 0˚C so we decided to go down to the capital, Podgorica. We followed the Moraca river, where we saw splendid valley and canyon before Mediterranean landscapes.
As in Romania and in Serbia, they are lot of hives and people can buy some honey on the side of the road.

In Podgorica, we were hosted by Zarco, he invited us to eat some specialities in the restaurant where he works.
The capital is not a big metropolis, it is more like an pleasant average city.

Monastère d'Ostrog

Monastère d’Ostrog

Every people spoke about Ostrog monastery, so we decided to go to see it. It is a very famous place for orthodox pilgrims but they are also some Catholic and Muslim people. It is difficult to go up because it is very high and built in a cliff. We couldn’t go up but by chance we met a boy in his house and he offered to drive us. We had a guided visit and a blessing by the pope.

We continued our journey all along the Kotor’s bay bordered by immense and gorgeous mountains. The fortified city rivals easily with the city of Dubrovnik.

Sevan Stefan

Sevan Stefan

All the Adriatic coast, with Budva and Sveti Stefan is nice but looks like our French Riviera with its hotels, its circulation and its tourists. Not any more people spoke with us! But we met several others travels by bike. We left this area without regret to join Albania.

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